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Dionysus, known for his love of grape juice, was the Greek god of wine; however, after a few goblets, he became a little confrontational. One day in the forest, with goblet in hand, the tipsy Dionysus took insult from a passing mortal who refused to show him respect. The incident provoked his wrath, and Dionysus swore revenge on the next mortal that he saw...along cam a beautiful maiden named amethyst, whom this beautiful gemstone gets its name.


Just the facts

Colored by an interaction of iron and aluminum, amethyst is a variety of macrocrystalline quartz that occurs in transparent pastel roses to deep purples and violets. Like many other gemstones, the quality of amethyst varies according to its source.

 Amethysts Include:

Uruguayan, Rose de France, Bi-color


February's Birthstone

Major Sources

Australia, Brazil, Kanya, Madagascar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay & Zambia

Colors Found

 Pinish Purple to Violet


Quasrtz: SiO2



Refractive Index

1.54 - 1.55; Uniaxial (+)

Specific Gravity


Crystal System



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