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For more than 4,000 years, the deep "green fire" of emerald has been treasured as a symbol of eternal spring and immortality.


Just the facts

The green color of emeralds is unparalleled in the gem kingdom. Its beautiful green, combined with its rarity, makes emerald one of the world's most valuable gemstones. Interestingly, its name comes from the Greek word smaragdos, meaning "green gem."

Emeralds Include:

Colombian, Muzo Mine, Coscuez Mine, Chivor Mine, Brazilian, Pakistani, Russian, Zambian


May's Birthstone

Major Sources

Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Colombia, Pakistan, Russia, Zambia & Zimbabwe

Colors Found



Beryl: Be3Al2Si6O18


7.5 - 8

Refractive Index

1.56 - 1.60; Uniaxial (-)

Specific Gravity

2.67 - 2.78

Crystal System



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