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Sapphire derives its name from the Latin word sapphirus, meaning "blue," and is often referred to as the "gem of the heavens" or the "celestial gem" because its colors mirror the sky at different times of the day.


Just the facts

The modern popularity of padparadscha and pink sapphires aside, blue sapphires are traditionally the most coveted members of the sapphire family. Coming in a wide variety of hues, sapphires range in color from pastel blues all the way through to the depths of midnight blue.

 Sapphires Include:

Australian, Ceylon, Kanchanaburi, Madagascan, Midnight Blue, Nigerian, Pailian, Shangdong, Tanzanian


September's Birthstone

Major Sources

Australia, Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand & Vietnam

Colors Found



Corundum: Al2O3



Refractive Index

1.76 - 1.78; Uniaxial (-)

Specific Gravity

3.95 4.03

Crystal System



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