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Made in Italy

Since 1995, Alisa® has been committed to producing at their factory in Tuscany, Italy exclusive fine jewelry in sterling silver, 18K gold and diamonds that is ideal for today’s lifestyles. Our pieces are individually denoted by their braided basket weave motif which is the distinctive design signature of the Alisa® brand. We take pride in our products and are dedicated to providing high quality design, materials and craftsmanship to the legions of women who enjoy wearing our fine jewelry creations.

VHB 413
VHB 413

18kt/ss traversa bangle with center gold rondell (available with polish, matte or ruthenium finish)
VHB 987
VHB 987

SS thin traversa cuff bangle with double 18kt rondell stations
VHB 1185 D
VHB 1185 D

Thin s/s Traversa basketweave bangle with an oval .14ct dia. station
VHB 1532 B
VHB 1532 B

SS thin basket weave bracelet with two black enamel oval ornaments; available in blue, gold and turquoise tone enamel
VHB 1572 BL
VHB 1572 BL

SS basket weave hinged bangle with 2 stations of 18k gold and blue enamel rondells; available in black, gold and purple enamel
VHE 699
VHE 699

SS traversa small oval hoop earring with 18kt yellow rondell and bar closure (available with polish, matte or ruthenium finish)
VHB 983 D
VHB 983 D

SS thin traversa cuff bangle with double diamond rondell stations, .06 ct tw dia (available with polish, matte or ruthenium finish)
VHE 1072
VHE 1072

SS medium round traversa hoop earrings with 18kt gold rondell (available in rose gold and with polish, matte or ruthenium finish)
VHN 1506 D
VHN 1506 D

17" sterling silver necklace with shiny and basket weave oval ornament; .045cttw
VHB 1512 D
VHB 1512 D

Sterling silver flat basketweave bracelet with 3 angled .045ct ornaments (.135cttw)
VHN 1507
VHN 1507

17" sterling silver double cable necklace with basket weave and shiny loop center
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